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aerial photography of pine trees on the mountain

Penn Wilder

Penn Wilder is the alter ego to A. Kay. Darker, edgier, steamy romance with a bite.

The Heart of Thieves

How far would you go for the one you love?
“Tick Tock, Officer Daniels.”
Falling for a young, sexy MIT grad who engages in criminal activity might not be the smartest decision for this city cop. But Josie Watson is the only one who can help me find meaning in this life.
And… my missing baby sister.
Together we sink to the depths of depravity, battling a force hellbent on destroying the souls of many.
The name of the game is sacrifice and we’re forced to play.
However, the rules are cruel and demand a choice: Save my sister or the woman I love.

Triggers: Mature Audience 18+, violence, murder, explicit sexual situations, human trafficking

The Heart of Liars is coming early 2024.

Xoxo, Penn Wilder