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A. Kay Author

A. Kay is a published contemporary romance author hailing from the Midwest. She has one completed series, the Montana Heirs Series under the name Ashley Kay and several more books in the works. Ashley also writes under the pen name Penn Wilder, bringing edgier and darker romance to the table.

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When August Burns in an angsty, second chance New Adult Contemporary Romance. He has a secret. She has a tragic past. Can they push through the mess for their happily ever after?

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“Bravo on a debut novel! Hooked me in the beginning with wanting to know what happened to cause the issues between brothers. Definitely a slow burn but with quick bits of burn to ignite the slow burn….little tease. After awhile I could already tell what was gonna be the end result but the writing and storytelling is excellent. Steamy scenes and a HEA with an epilogue.” Denim Blues Montana Heirs 1

BookBub Reviewer

“Wildflower is the second book in the Montana Heirs series and it does NOT disappoint. It is normally really hard to follow up a good book and Denim Blues (Book 1) was phenomenal. However, Wildflower may just be even better. Lynn and Issac were in book one, but it wasn’t their story. They did share a spine-tingling stare across the dance floor though. Still, those sparks don’t ignite into a full-blown explosion until we meet them in Wildflower. Two people who are scared by the sins of their parents and running from past mistakes that are really not their own, Lynn and Issac find each other at the right time. They need to just stop being so stubborn and realize they a perfect for one another. The book is perfect for lovers of spice, small town romances, spunky female main characters, and sexy male main characters.” Wildflower Montana Heirs 2

Amazon Reviewer

“Holy moly- the characters are amazing, the story was beautiful told and the ending was the best.
Greyson is freaking amazing. Sweet gentle, feisty and oh so freaking in love with his best friend. Sexy not dad bod, and a determination that makes him rock solid.
Scarlet is sweet and open, loving, compassionate, also devoted to their friendship and the family they’ve made. She’s sweet and independent, and fierce when she needs to be.
This was an amazing story of how love and devotion span time. Never did he waver in his feelings for her, never wanting to jeopardize the little friend-family they had. It was heart breaking to see him so in love with Scarlett and not be able to tell her.
Just two gentle souls waiting to find each other. It was beautiful watching the love blossom and the sparks fly.” Rugged Heart Montana Heirs 3

Goodreads Reviewer